The Science and Art of Executing The iuno Protocol

The Science and Art of Executing The iuno Protocol

I. Ampoules Unveiled: Decoding the Potent Ingredients in Your Skincare Arsenal

The iuno Protocol is a skincare treatment that uses exosomes, which are tiny bubbles that our skin cells use to communicate with each other. These exosomes are too small to see with the naked eye (nanoscale drops) and are made by a part of the cell called the multivesicular body.

Exosomes can contain things like proteins, fats, and genetic material, which are important for our skin cells to function properly. The iuno Protocol uses exosomes from plants and microbes, which are similar to the ones in our body, so our skin is less likely to reject them.

Plant exosomes can help improve skin texture, wound healing, pigmentation, and reduce wrinkles. Specifically, one of our formulations uses the grape fruit for creating exosomes. This is particularly useful in:

  1. Activating various skin factors to clarify skin and strengthen skin barrier
  2. Suppressing inflammatory reactions caused by stress in the body. This reduces premature aging of skin cells.
  3. Invoking unique healing mechanisms in skin, leading to quick repair of skin damage.

Another of iuon's formulations use microbial exosomes which are involved in regulating microbial communities and defense against environmental stressors.

To help the exosomes get into the deeper layers of our skin where they can nourish our cells, the iuno Protocol uses an atomizer to turn the treatment into a fine mist that can penetrate the skin barrier. This enhances the rate of absorption, making the treatment more effective.


The iuno Mister

II. Amp up your Skincare Routine: Mastering the Art of Ampoule Application

The iuno Protocol uses an efficient spray instrument, skin viability and coverage are two determining parameters influenced by various physical and biological factors such as air pressure, spraying distance, viscosity of suspension, stiffness of the skin surface, and velocity of impact.

Using an atomizer designed in-house, we are able to optimize the delivery of our formulations. Atomization is the process of breaking a liquid into small droplets or particles, and it can be an effective way to improve the delivery of products into the skin. Our atomizer is based on a few key principles:

  1. Surface tension: Surface tension is the force that causes the surface of a liquid to contract and form droplets. When the iuno formula is atomized, the surface tension of the liquid is overcome, and the liquid is broken into small droplets.
  2. Kinetic energy: To break the liquid into small droplets, kinetic energy is required to overcome the surface tension. This is achieved through the use of a mechanical device (spray nozzle), which applies pressure to the liquid to break it into smaller droplets.
  3. Airflow: To ensure that the liquid droplets are delivered to the skin, airflow is used to carry the droplets to the target area. This is achieved through the use of the inbuilt pump that generates a flow of air to carry the droplets.

The process of atomization is particularly useful for delivering products into the skin because it breaks the liquid into small droplets that are more easily absorbed by the skin. When our formula is atomized, the surface area of the liquid is increased, which means that there is more contact between the product and the skin. This improves the absorption of the product and helps it to penetrate deeper into the skin.

In addition, our atomizer helps distribute the product more evenly over the skin. When a product is sprayed onto the skin, it is more likely to be distributed evenly, which can help to avoid over-application in certain areas and under-application in others.


III. Spray to Slay: Unlocking the Power of Atomizer-Enabled Ampoule Application for Healthy Skin

The exosome formulation in conjunction with the atomizer is used for increased efficiency of targeted delivery into skin:
  1. Targeted delivery: Exosomes can be derived from a variety of cells, and each type of exosome may have different effects on the skin. By using an atomizer to deliver exosomes to the skin, it is possible to target specific areas of the skin with the appropriate type of exosome, which could help to improve the overall efficacy of the treatment (iuno is currently investigating this with our South Korean partner).
  2. Increased absorption: Exosomes are small and can penetrate the skin more easily than larger particles, but atomization can help to break them down into even smaller particles. This can increase the surface area of the exosomes, making them more easily absorbed by the skin and potentially increasing their effectiveness.
  3. Improved distribution: Using an atomizer to deliver exosomes to the skin helps distribute them more evenly over the skin's surface, which can help to ensure that the exosomes are delivered to all areas of the skin and improve overall treatment efficacy.
  4. Non-invasive: Using an atomizer to deliver exosomes to the skin is a non-invasive method that does not require needles or other invasive delivery methods. This can make the treatment more comfortable for individuals with sensitized skin, acne etc and potentially reduce the risk of side effects.

Overall, using an atomizer to deliver exosomes to the skin is an effective way to target specific areas of the skin, improve absorption, and distribute the exosomes more evenly.

 The iuno Protocol Skincare Routine

The iuno protocol is a personalized skincare routine that helps your skin get the right nourishment it needs within your 28 day skin cycle with less steps but with greater results. We help prepare your skin even before your skincare routine begins with our proprietary skin prick test, proteomic analysis, and primer ampoules. The initial assessment allows us to address the biomarkers that make your skin unique and develop a customized skincare routine just for you. The iuno tracking app offers another layer of personalization, with our AI tech analysis of your skin on 150 different parameters.

Once we receive your assessment, we deliver your customized 28 day ampoules set, where each ampoule function is grouped based on your biological skin cycle and its ingredients and dosage are individualized to help you meet your skin goals.

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