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The Right Skincare for you

Discover iuno’s cutting edge precision skincare line. Designed by scientists and based on your unique biomarkers, to solve your skin concerns.

Skin reflects your inner health

Targeted Precision, Healthy Skin

Start with targeted serums. Enjoy 90% enhanced absorption with iuno’s Mister. Go deeper with iuno SkinDetect test to map your skin’s true state and receive a skincare regimen, designed for you.

Rooted in scientific breakthroughs

Skincare as unique as you.

iuno translates years of scientific R&D into precision skincare products that are inclusive of all skin tones.
Scientist Founded
Cruelty Free
Science Backed
Microbiome Friendly
Toxin Free
Sensitive Skin Friendly

/ i • uno / : Skincare as unique as you

“i” represents you and “uno” means one, together “iuno” 
celebrates individuality and recognizes unique biology and skin.

our Product

Designed for your skin

Our skin serum mists are specifically designed to target your unique concerns

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Toxin Free

  • EWG 1 Rating