The Joy of True Knowledge

The Joy of True Knowledge

At iuno our mission is to offer more than just skincare solutions. We strive to provide a level of personalization that is deeply rooted in scientific breakthroughs, tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our members. It's about nurturing not just the skin, but the person as a whole. We strive to meet you where you are in your skincare journey with the belief that cutting edge science can be personal and provide hope for those who have been struggling with undiagnosed or misdiagnosed skin conditions.

Today, we would like to share a story of one of our loyal customers. To preserve her privacy, we won’t be disclosing her name or any personal information. Her journey began as a teenager when she struggled with cystic acne. For years she has been trying to find the right solution for her distressed skin - from OTC to prescription products, religiously following advice from licensed dermatologists and other skincare professionals to no visible success. 

“I've had a dermatologist look at my labs and say, “I don't have any idea. There's nothing I can do to help you. I can send you to somebody else but all this stuff isn't working on your skin. Looks like you took a cheese grater to it. I don't know what happened. I don't know what’s wrong, I guess our stuff just doesn't help your type of skin.” 

She was misdiagnosed with excessively oily skin, and all the skincare products prescribed based on how her skin looked only exacerbated her condition. Until she found the iuno SkinDetect test.

“I thought since my type of skin apparently is so weird and rare, taking the iuno SkinDetect blood test would be a cool way to see why my skin is so different. Why is it so weird? I was super excited about being able to get something that was made to my skin from my own blood and not just somebody using me as a guinea pig and throwing weird chemicals at me.”

Our team understands how a skincare journey might be one of a struggle, but our mission here is to give you the answers you’re seeking for based on your unique blood proteins. There is no guesswork, only breakthrough science and skincare products that went through years of research and development. 

“It was so cool when my blood test came back. I expected to be told that I had the worst skin ever. I was sure there was something seriously wrong somewhere and no, I’m actually really healthy, and my skin is 10 years younger than myself and I was like this is so crazy, I love this. my God! This is the only report that has ever told me that my problem is low moisture. It made me wonder why didn't all of my dermatologists tell me that it wasn’t excessive oil, my problem is moisture. Could have saved me years of angst and bad skin! Getting my report back was like wow, such a relief. The things that needed improvement were done in such a way that it made me feel like it is gonna help me get to the point where everything is gonna be fives and tens across the board. That was really exciting too!”


Based on the iuno SkinDetect test, our expert team charted biological indicators, related to symptoms of skin redness and dryness; assessed skin barrier, function and firmness along with overall proteomic age of our customer. These indicators were then used to design a personalized iuno skincare regimen to promote healthier skin. In the case of our member, the iuno protocol was focused on improving skin barrier and function.

Example of an iuno Protocol based on the iuno SkinDetect test

*Example of an iuno Protocol, based on the iuno SkinDetect Test

If you feel like you have been treating symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of your skin concern, we’re here to help you find answers and feel the joy of beautiful healthy skin. Ready to learn more about your skin? Let’s customize your skincare together

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