Science of glowing skin

Science of Glowing Skin

Our team at iuno is constantly working to bring you the best skincare possible. Today we're excited to share a customer story with you. Our lovely Jennifer was able not only to identify the true nature of her skin concerns, but see meaningful results with the help of the iuno skincare products. Read on to find out more, including some before/after pictures.


Hi, I'm Jennifer! I'm a Reiki Practitioner focusing on holistic health and wellness. Now, I’m not a skin care expert by any means, however, the products that I use, I want it to have simple, clean and organic ingredients.

I had pretty clear skin growing up, but as soon as I hit my 30s I realized my skin started breaking out more around my period, which didn't really happen often before. It would take a while for the spots to go away and sometimes would leave dark spots on my skin. Since I'm Hispanic, I have an olive skin complexion and tend to scar darker. I was worried since I've never experienced this before with my skin.

I did some research online, looking up how to lighten dark spots and found a handful of products that promised to address my concerns. All the sites I came across were offering solutions and products, but none of them had answers to the root cause of the discoloration and breakouts I was experiencing. The problem was I didn't see any research or science behind it, until I came across iuno. I saw that the iuno’s Instagram account was sharing lot of information about root causes to different types of skin problems. Gaining that knowledge was very helpful.

At the time iuno was offering a free skin consultation. While I was hesitant at first since I knew that when you do consultations, consultants usually try to push their products down your throat. But I decided to give it a chance, seeing how different their approach was, and set up a complementary virtual skin consultation with iuno. And it was great!

Anu, the founder and CEO of the company, was able to give me helpful recommendations that I started implementing immediately. She also recommended a list of ingredients that would be helpful to my skin, based on my concerns. iuno actually carried a product called the Brightening Starter Set, which addresses the exact skin concern I was looking to solve. So, I decided to give it a try. 

After just 7 days I noticed a significant difference in my skin's appearance. My skin felt more moisturized, hydrated, and softer. The dark spots on my jawline started to fade and the dark circles under my eyes started to lighten. I even used it on my arm, which has a burn mark and I was astonished by the results. It lightened my scar significantly! The best part was I didn't even break out the next month around my period. Needless to say, I found something that worked for me. I am so happy I found iuno for my skin!

Burn Scar before iuno Brightening Starter Set Burn Scar after applying the iuno Brightening Starter Set

Before: Burn Scar                           After: Burn Scar                    


Our skin is a complex organ with thousands of factor, internal and external, affecting what we see in the mirror. You might know your symptoms, but how well do you know the true nature of what your skin is showing you? iuno is here to provide you with the answers you have been searching for - from targeted skincare products to the first in class blood test that bridges the gap between the internal and external. Curious to learn more? Visit our Science page to get a better understanding of how blood and skin are connecting.

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