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Genomic Skin Test

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Upload your genetic test file from 23andme or Ancestry. Get information about  connection between your skin-related gene variant and specific publication describing it.

Information provided is at the edge of modern science and is not verified yet. It is not a medical diagnosis.

How to use
  • Use your gua sha with the curved side facing your face
  • Apply a face oil, serum or hyaluronic acid to your skin with gentle tapping motions
  • Hold the tool at a 30–45° angle
  • Gently scrape or pull the tool across your skin. Follow the lymphatic flow and make upward movements
  • Repeat each movement 3–5 times before moving to the next area
  • Follow up with iuno serum mist
  • Apply the iuno Hydrator to lock in the benefits of iuno serum
  • Aids in circulation to give skin a glow
  • Firms and lifts skin overtime
  • Relives facial and jaw tension
  • Works well with sensitive or oily skin
    Genomic Skin Test