Know Exactly How Much Collagen and Elastin Your UNIQUE Skin Needs

Know Exactly How Much Collagen and Elastin Your UNIQUE Skin Needs

iuno Cultivates Youthful, Glowing Skin Through Celebrating your Uniqueness.

If we split iuno into two parts we have “i” and “uno”; you are one of a kind. We decided that nobody shares the same skincare concerns day after day and we want to celebrate your individuality. With that in mind, our researchers understand that your proteome is more unique to you than your DNA. Your DNA is to a recipe; as your proteome is to the final dish that is served in its entirety, from the fresh ingredients to the immaculate environment in which it is served. We want to make sure your ingredients are ripe and correct and that your restaurant is clean and up to the highest standard. We treat skincare from the inside out and our products that target your unique proteins. 

If we return to our recipe vs. dish metaphor, iuno protein analysis is able to determine what ingredients (biological factors) your body utilizes when producing new skin cells, we look at the quality and content of these ingredients to determine the quality and appearance of your skin. As skin cells regenerate every 28 days; our products are able to help those cells before they even reach the surface of your skin. Additionally, that recipe cannot change, but the quality of your ingredients can, which is why we look to your proteome rather than your DNA to see how skin concerns will be expressed. As the ingredient quality changes we can expect to see improved skin condition over time AND we are able to measure those improvements to make sure your skincare is working its best. 

Some examples of commonly known proteins are collagen and elastin. You have probably heard of them through other skincare treatments or nutritional supplements. These proteins primarily contribute to elasticity and bounciness of your skin, meaning they are important to the prevention of wrinkles. What you may not know is that these proteins exist within your body as well, and naturally contribute to the youthful look of your skin. The iuno Skin Detect Test can analyze the abundance of these proteins in your body and determine what skincare formulation will best support the production of these proteins within YOUR body. Instead of guessing what products will help you reach your skin goals, we can read your proteome to determine what exactly you'll need.

iuno Meets YOUR Proteome

In order to craft skincare for the one unique you we have developed the iuno Skin Detect Test. With one finger prick and five drops of blood we can analyze your proteome and supply you with personalized skincare targeted to the skin concerns that we test for. You can also opt out of our skincare and just utilize the Assessment to get to know your skin a bit better. Our Skin Detect Test is one of the most unique products we offer; it allows us to determine what skincare products will fix your concerns like dryness, redness, dark spots, and aging. 

An image of the iuno Assessment. This allows us to look into your unique proteome to determine a custom skincare regimen for YOU.

Nobody knows you better than YOU, so let’s let your biology do the talking and let your individuality shine

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