Health and Hyperpigmentation - Part 1

Health and Hyperpigmentation - Part 1

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Date: 1/3/2024
Time: 4pm PST
Total Duration: 30 minutes

About This Webinar

Discover the fascinating connection between your skin's color changes and your overall health in our engaging webinar. Did you know that changes in skin pigmentation can be key indicators of various internal health issues, including hormonal and metabolic disorders? These internal conditions can influence the production of melanin, the pigment that gives your skin its color, leading to noticeable changes not just in your skin, but also in your hair, nails, and even mucous membranes. Our webinar will guide you through the common signs to watch out for, demystifying how these pigment changes can signal deeper health concerns. We'll also delve into the reasons behind these changes and offer practical advice on treatment and management. Join us to gain essential insights and learn how your skin's appearance could be a window into your body's internal health. This session is perfect for anyone interested in understanding the intricate relationship between skin health and overall wellbeing.

Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free


  1. Introduction to Skin Pigmentation and Health:
    Understanding the Basics of Pigmentation in Skin and underlying causes

  2. Signs and Symptoms:
    Identifying Changes in Skin, Hair, and Nails

  3. Behind the Scenes:
    How Hormonal and Metabolic Disorders Affect Pigmentation

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Heather Harrison
Heather Harrison

I can’t wait to try these products 😊

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